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Welcome to a transformative experience in Tracking package pickup and drop-off times, distances and status! Embark on a journey where efficiency meets simplicity. From the moment you step into our platform, expect a seamless and user-friendly interface designed to elevate your business operations.


Introducing Restogistics, your all-in-one solution for streamlining last-mile logistics in the food delivery industry. Whether you're a bustling restaurant or a delivery service provider, Restogistics empowers you to effortlessly manage package pickup and drop-off times, distances, and status with precision and ease.

Our innovative platform connects users to restaurants, enabling seamless order placement and real-time tracking of deliveries. With Restogistics, Super Admins gain full control to assign drivers, dispatch them efficiently, and monitor deliveries through GPS and time tracking technologies.

Say goodbye to logistical headaches and hello to unparalleled efficiency with Restogistics. Join us in revolutionizing the way food gets from kitchen to doorstep, setting new standards for success in last-mile logistics.

Order Placement

Allow your clients to enjoy a seamless ordering experience from their favorite restaurants. With our intuitive interface, placing orders becomes effortless, ensuring satisfaction with every meal.

Driver Assignment

Enable your clients to experience efficient delivery management with our smart driver assignment feature. Super Admins can swiftly assign drivers, ensuring prompt pickups and deliveries, and providing clients with reliable service every time.


Empower your clients to stay informed every step of the way with our robust tracking capabilities. From pickup to drop-off, clients can track their deliveries in real time using GPS and time tracking technologies, ensuring transparency and peace of mind. With Restogistics, provide your clients with a superior delivery experience they can trust.

How the Restogistics System Works

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Setup Your Account

To set up your account, simply tap on 'Create New Account' in the first view. Here, you'll enter essential details such as your business name, your website, your telephone number where your clients call to place an order, Fill out the form, and gain instant access to your system, ready to provide competitive services. It's that easy – streamline your order placement process and let your clients connect effortlessly to request your services optimizing engagement and customer satisfaction..

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Driver Onboarding


To set up your drivers within the app, navigate to the 'Driver Setup' section in the main menu. Here, easily add new drivers by tapping 'Add New Driver' and inputting their details. Once entered, the system automatically generates login credentials for the driver, who will receive an email with this information. This streamlined process ensures quick integration into your logistics operations, empowering drivers to manage deliveries efficiently.

With Restogistics, optimize your driver management effortlessly, ensuring timely service and enhancing customer satisfaction.


Order Placement

To facilitate order placement, users can conveniently access Restogistics via the "Order Delivery" action button on your clients' Google My Business, exclusively available for restaurants partnered with the system. Upon tapping the "Order Delivery" button associated with their chosen restaurant, users are seamlessly redirected to the restaurant's menu website. There, they can effortlessly browse the available menu items and make their selections. Once the order is confirmed on the restaurant's website, it is seamlessly integrated into Restogistics, enabling efficient order management and delivery coordination. This seamless integration ensures a user-friendly experience, allowing customers to order from their favorite restaurants with ease while enabling restaurants to efficiently manage orders through Restogistics.

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Real-Time Tracking Updates

The journey of a package commences upon assignment to a driver. Once designated, the driver promptly collects the package from the vendor and transports it to the intended recipient at the restaurant. Throughout this journey, the package's whereabouts are meticulously monitored and updated in real-time. From the moment of pickup to its safe delivery to the customer's doorstep, and finally, the driver's return to base, each stage is diligently recorded within our tracking system. This comprehensive tracking mechanism ensures transparency and accountability at every step, providing both businesses and customers with peace of mind and confidence in the delivery process.


Explore your Dashboard

Gain a competitive edge with powerful analytics and business insights. Track key performance indicators (KPIs), analyze customer behavior, and make informed decisions to optimize your operations. The path to success starts with data-driven strategies.

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