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How to Dispatch a Load

Streamline your operations with ease by effortlessly dispatching PDF Load Confirmations and Bills of Lading (BOL) through our intuitive and user-friendly system. Simplify your workflow and ensure seamless communication with all stakeholders involved in the transportation process.

Review the Load details

From the 'Building Load' view, take a moment to review the load details. Ensure accuracy and completeness before proceeding with further actions. Your thorough review ensures smooth logistics operations and customer & carriers satisfaction.

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Change the Status

Change the Status of the Load to 'Accepted'.

Then click/tap on the icon 'Confirm Load' to dispatch the load after saving the Status.

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Carriers Onboarding

Select your Carrier

A convenient pop-up window will appear, prompting you to select your carrier of choice. Once selected, simply save the form to proceed seamlessly with the shipper, receiver and more details.

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Source Carrier Rates

Dispatch The Load Confirmation

Another convenient popup window will appear after saving, allowing the addition of essential load information such as PO#, BOL#, PU#, shipper details, shipper address, receiver information, receiver address, and more. Upon saving the second form, the Load Confirmation is automatically emailed to the selected carrier, with you cc'd for seamless communication. Simplify and enhance the accuracy of load dispatching effortlessly.

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