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Click on the "New Order" button to initiate the process, your starting point for placing an order. .

New Order

Here, you'll enter essential details such as customer information, order date, and any specific instructions. This ensures accuracy and consistency in your orders

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Building the Order

Once you've added the order details, you will be directed to the "Products" view. This is where the magic happens. Navigate through a user-friendly interface designed for step-by-step customization.

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Product Selection

Here, you can explore the entire product catalog. Filter and search functionalities help you quickly find the items you need. Simply tap on the desired products to add them to your order. Specify quantities, lots and choose any additional options required for a tailored order.

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Order Summary View

After finalizing your product selection in the "Products" view, move to the "Building Order" view. Review all details meticulously. Confirm quantities, check product specifications, and ensure everything aligns with your customer's expectations. This is your last chance for adjustments before dispatch.

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