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Create and Assign a Shift

If you need to schedule a shift on the go, the nova + Scheduling app for Android has you covered. You can add a custom shift or use a shift template to save time.

You can also create shifts from a computer or iOS device.

Create a Time Slot

Click the "Shift Manager" icon or "Available Shifts" tab in the bottom menu to create an unassigned shift (a Time Slot). Fill the form with the required position, the shift date, the starting time, the end time and the number of employees needed.

shift manager (1).png

Assign a Shift

The Shift created is accessible to all the designated users that have the same position that you have requested on the Shift date. You can let your team take action by selecting the shift from their own or assign it to a specific employee from the "Available Shifts" tab. 


Note: Available shifts are first come, first serve.

shift manager (1).png
shift manager (1).png

Shifts Calendar

Monitor the shifts created and assigned by your team.

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