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Enterprise resource planning (ERP) is a software system that helps you run your entire business, supporting automation and processes in finance, human resources, manufacturing, supply chain, services, procurement, and more.

However, the most efficient system used today instead of the old-fashioned methods are software programs, apps, or planner templates, such as the nova +.

Does your business and workflow processes include building the same work schedule every week? Receiving inbound shipments from your suppliers? Managing the inventory of your company assets across multiple offices with internal floorplan maps and item details.

How about creating a flexible work environment with varying work hours per employee? Your work schedule will benefit from a proper system.

The nova + will help you get the job done quickly and easily. 


Create Your Account

To sign up for the nova +, create an Account. Follow the steps on the screen to set up your account. · Use the account you created to sign in to the nova +.

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Add your Employees

From your Home screen, click/tap the Employee Directory icon to open the directory window. Click on the + button to start filling the employees information (The only required information is a name, telephone, starting date, wage and what Positions that employee can work)

Then click to Save.

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